Any coffee lover who has visited Portugal knows that nothing compares to portuguese coffee. This is more than a drink, it's part of the country's culture.

Our Mission

Consistently deliver excellence and ethics in everything we do. Provide perfect delicious products and high quality reliable services to our customers. Earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners and local communities and contribute to their development and prosperity

Our Vision

Be recognized as the ideal business partner, a leader in innovation, service satisfation and quality. Be admired for what we do and the leader in our market.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Responsability and Excelence are our main values. We are open minded, innovative and creative and share our passion for everything we do.

Why Torrié

2009 was a milestone in the history of Torrié. The quality was as high as ever. Its tradition and experience in coffee roasting were unquestionable. On a path towards innovation, but preserving the knowledge acquired throughout its history, Torrié outlined a new brand strategy that is better prepared to win new customers and new markets. From a reformulation of the image of the existing portfolio to the launch of new products, Torrié sought to offer solutions to meet the latest market trends, presenting alternatives for consumers and suggesting new opportunities for consumption

With a considerable position in the Foodservice sector, Torrié increased its proximity to consumers in 2004 when it entered the take-home channel. Torrié finally adopted a more emotional positioning. This was a new phase for Torrié, in which its development as a brand accompanied the evolution of its presence in the everyday life of consumers. Increasingly humanised and closer to consumers, Torrié could now be found at points of sale; in causes and projects that it supported and in sports such as motor racing, windsurfing and tennis.

Aware of changes in markets, Torrié was also able to adapt itself and to reinvent its identity while always maintaining its essence: quality and rigour. In the 1990s, Torrié targeted consumers, giving rise to a more informal, dynamic and modern brand.

As a result of solid growth, Torrié is now a young, urban, dynamic and interactive brand. More recently it has been developing initiatives related to social and environmental concerns, as well as health and well-being.


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